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about me: 

I am a SAG-e Meisner graduate, born and raised in Long Beach, CA. 

After moving an arduous 40 miles to Los Angeles almost 10 years ago, I immediately found my "acting home" at The Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio. 

My breakout role was as CB's sister in "Dog Sees God" at the Zephyr Theatre. Since then, I have performed regularly either live on stage, in commercials, people's backyards, internet shorts/series, or occasionally on TV. 

I starred in my first feature film (!!!), "On the Rocks", which came out earlier this year. It premiered in LA at the Laemmle Music Hall and got wonderful reviews in the LA Times and LA Weekly. Rent or buy it here. If you don't believe me, here is the trailer:


I have been creating and acting in Channel101 shows since 2009. You can watch them all here. My latest show, "Chloe is a Teenager Now" will be screening its 2nd episode on Saturday May 27th at 8pm & 10pm (for free) at the Downtown Independent Theatre. Can't make it? That's okay. There are screenings on the last Saturday of every single month. Are you a filmmaker? You should submit a show. Find out more at :)

You can follow me on Instagram and twitter @bagbies






Bagby’s got acting chops.
— The King of YouTube, Paul Isakson
Nichole may be the most charming person I have ever met. She’s silly, yet quite focused. She is not annoying.
— Rachelle Williams, director of The Sign Spinner
A natural beauty!
— @jenniferruiz
5 stars for looking so good- that’s about it.
— YouTube user Mattso12